Friday, December 26, 2008

New year ideas

i was confused. i don't have any ideas for new year party. actually all of my friends will be having a private new year party only for the 9th graders but i'm not in the mood to join :(

okay so for those who don't have any idea for the new year count down party, you can have a virtual-concert-with-daft-punk-new year party! pretty cool huh?

so, here is the quick step to have the virtual party:
1. download OR PLEASE, BUY daft punk's album : Alive 2007. it's a live album, you can download it here
2. prepare your room and decorate it like what you did when you want to decorate a party. you can stick daft punk's live concert picture, disco ball that you made by yourself, colorful lights, etc.
3. prepare your own drinks maybe you can have cola, ice tea, or maybe... ALCOHOL DRINKS wahahahaahah
4. your bed = your stage. so you have to pretend that someone is performing on that bed (or at that time, stage)
5. bring party tools like confetti, string spray, snow spray, fireworks, etc.
6. of course you don't play the fireworks in your room right? so play it outside!
7. if you want the party more crowded, you can invite your neighbor, sister/ brother, parents, maid, or even... PETS!
8. make your own "new year countdown party" tickets and posters. you can hang the posters in your bathroom, living room, garage, etc.
9. you can make the countdown clock by using your computer/ laptop. here is the link

now you're ready to party!!!! so here's the example of the schedule

08.00-10.00 pm : opening act by... you! it's the time to show your talents! to everyone in your house!
10.00-11.00 pm : break time. you can play with your pets, have a drink, etc.
11.00-01.00 am : Daft punk's concert & countdown! play the songs in your computer/ phone/ another music player. but remember, do not use ipod/ something like that to make it more realistic
01.00-03.00 am : play the fireworks!

and that's all of the schedule! hope you'll have a mindblowing virtual concert experience.


p.s. you can change the artist but ALWAYS USE LIVE ALBUM
example : fall out boy live in phoenix

daft punk!
fall out boy

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Acchan said...

wah fall out boy! haha punya tuh gw :D

Nindi said...

lo mau kaya gini sendirian? huhu sedihhhh

Freebairn said...

aku tak punya :( eh yg folie a deux asik hahaha

Freebairn said...

iya nih sedih paling sama kucing2 HAHAHAHA LEBIH SEDIH LG

Acchan said...

iyaaa unik soalnya hehe cm lebih keren album mrk dulu2 sih