Saturday, December 13, 2008

homestay :D

it's 05:10 pm and i am very very very bored. when i checked cika's blog i saw that she post some pictures when we went to japan. so, i decided to tell about my homestay in kashihara!!

me and bani got the same host parents, the fujimoto family! they are : fujimoto tetsu (dad), fujimoto mayumi (mom), fujimoto yuri (first daughter), fujimoto takashi (son), fujimoto chiyoko (grandma!)

at the first day, i arrived at their house almost dinner time, then we have dinner. IT WAS REALLY REALLY DELICIOUS!!!!! but they couldn't speak english -_____________________-

the second day, we went to insectarium and we met karina and kak ina with their host-family. after that we have lunch, and we went to a temple and we ate strawberry ice! (it was like "es serut" in indonesia). after that we went to another temple (me and bani were like a temple kids at that time) AND THE SECOND TEMPLE HAD A VERY LONG LONG LONG STAIRS. and..... when we arrived on top of the temple IT RAINED so we hurrily ran down again. what a shame T_T

after we went to the temple, we went home and i had a nap. THE ROOM WAS REALLY-REALLY GOOD like in the comicbooks haghagahagahah. after i took a nap we went to aeonmall and we had okonomiyaki! (it was really tasty and big!). after that i went to the local music store to buy music cd BUT I DIDN'T FOUND DEPAPEPE -__________-. after that we went to toy's r us (can you imagine, kashihara is a very-very small city in japan (like batulicin) but you can still find a good mall). after that we went home, gave our host family presents. play fireworks, and sleep (again)

the next day we had a fantabulous breakfast and we had to say goodbye and we ended our homestay. IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!!!

weeks after that when i had arrive in jakarta i sent them email like this :

Hello there, how are you?
This is Reyhan Sadrudin K. Now I'm home at Jakarta, Indonesia. Me and my family once again want to say thank you for your hospitality during my stay at your house for 3 days. I really have a fun time with you all. My dad, mom and sister have seen all the picture at your house and they were very glad to know you from my stories. Thank you for the gift that you gave me and I've finished the puzzle during my flight to Jakarta. I really enjoyed playing puzzle.
Me and my family hope maybe someday we can meet again whether in Jakarta or in Kashihara. My parents send their regards to you all and they invite you to come and stay at our house if you have a plan to visit Jakarta, Indonesia.
Domo arigato gozaimasu,
Reyhan Sadrudin Kusumaatmadja

and they replied like this

Hello ! How are you ??
This is Yuri Fujimoto.
Did you enjoy a stay in Japan?
Thank you for your email and photograph.

A reply becomes slow and is sorry.
One month already passed since Reyhan come to my home, but thinks like the yesterday's thing .

You were the first time that we became the host family. Therefore I took the communication, but it was very difficult, and you would be inconvenient. I'm sorry.
We wanted to do various hospitality.
Thank you for a lot of gift !
We want to thank you and your familiy.

Please come and stay at our house if you have a plan to visit Kashihara, Japan.
You please be well.
I'm looking forward to that I can meet you again !

yup. i know what you are thinking haghagahagaha i think they use online dictinary :P. by the way, you should try homestays too! it will be a great experience. especially if you can't communicate with them it will be fun hahahahaaha


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Chiquitita said...

1. gue suka lo ga pake kaka
3. rey, gue juga ke aeon mall kok, barang2nya parah lucu banget di sana, dan gue dapet cd depapepe wkwkkwkwa, gue beli 2 dong . yummy

Freebairn said...

tapi aku dapet hop!skip!jump! wahahahahaa