Thursday, December 11, 2008

it's 8:28 and i'm worried

he went to the beach
he sat on the clear sand
he found a guitar floating on the water
he took the guitar
then someone said
"hey you,
i think this hat match with your geeky-face"
"okay than i'll take it"
than he play the guitar
and he started to sing

"Without giving anything away,
I can say it's by the sea.
It's a house that used to be the home of a friend of mine.
Without giving anything away,
you'll find ships inside of bottles,
and the garden's overgrown,
the house is white but the paint is coming off.
I didn't know if you wanted to,
when I came to pick you up.
You didn't even hesitate,
and now you and me are on our way.
I think I've brought everything we need,
don't look back,
don't think of the other places you should have been
it's a good thing that you came along with me.
Gold in the air of summer,
you'll shine like gold in the air of summer."

"bravo!", the man that gave the hat said
and than he put the guitar on the sea water again
and the guitar floated to somewhere that only the guitar knows

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Chiquitita said...

comment-in ga yaa.. hahaha

Freebairn said...

grdghnret rtnwby5jmn5 tjn4tnjjhfhtgj!

Frau Schmidt said...

wezzzzzzzzzzzzztt oke banget tuh ceritanya

Freebairn said...

... bener? hahahahaah

Amanda Meilia said...

keren and im so sad

Freebairn said...

gw aja g tau artinya HAHAHAHAHA