Friday, April 10, 2009

I Hate It

1. when everyone's pretending that they're cool by carrying DSLR camera everywhere and acting like they're the expert in photography. but the result? even a baby could do better than that.
2. when one of the social network is now crowded with bunch of useless people, and they thought that they're one of the first people to use that social networking site, and they moved again to another site, and again, and again. ex : plurk. i'll kill them if they move to twitter (mad).
3. when it's easy for them to ask their parents to buy something. ex : macbook/ DSLR camera. it's very hard for us, the photography exkul students to buy DSLR camera at that time, we even had to beg our parents. but what about them? they just simply said "dad i want a D300" and the next day, a new camera is carried by them.
4. when someone bought a DSLR camera just for taking pictures of themselves.
5. when someone act cool by listening to desndesndes songs.
6. when i'm being mocked by my own friend.
7. when i'm running out of money.
8. when i really really want something but it's so hard to buy that thing.
9. when the internet is running slowly.
10. when there's new series of things that i already had. it seems like the thing that i had is sooooo old. ex: NDS. i have the old silver NDS and there's NDSi now.
p.s. sorry if the article is kinda weird... and if you think that i ever did that 10 things too.... well, i'm a human. what could possibly go right :D

8 ingredients:

Frances Fox said...

5. when someone act cool by listening to desndesndes songs.

teenvogue? ato siapa? ahhaha

Freebairn said...

mmm teen vogue atau daftpunk kali ya HAHAHAAH

adamrahmansyah said...

mm kyknya gw nomer 2 dan nomer 5 haha, sori y rey

Freebairn said...


adamrahmansyah said...

hmmm sepertinya gw tau wakakaka, eh btw kalo mo ngeapprove comment biar ga langsung kepost gimana rey?

hanna said...

1. ----> setuju banget

Freebairn said...

lupa dam pokoknya di settingannya gitu lah

Karenina S. A. Moestadjab said...

gw juga lagi kere nih rey haha. kyknya anak labsky pada kaya bgt ya.. gw malah kebanyakan barang disuruh beli sendiri huhu. eh eh mending beli MacBook Pro 13inch rey sekarang, lebih murah dari yg punya gw. rugi deh huhu