Monday, April 20, 2009


okay so now i'm still confused which university will i take for the undergraduate program.  here's the candidate that i already interested

1. National University of Singapore- Business School

This is the best business school in Singapore, the 5th best in Asia-Pacific AND NUMBER 35 IN THE WORLD!!! and there's also the new building that i read at the website called "the Mochtar Riady Building".  it sounds kinda familiar.  and i keep on reading, reading, reading, and HE'S THE CEO OF LIPPO GROUP and he donate $21million to NUS.  why dont he donated that money to UI/UPH/ITB. uh

2. Universitas Pelita Harapan Business School

my mom said that this is the best business school here in Indonesia.  many people graduated from UPH and worked in the same office with my mom and mom said that they're great.  creative and innovative

3. School of Business and Management-Institut Teknologi Bandung

i don't know why i was interested with this university because it is located in Bandung.  I know that's not so important.  oya and even this School is in ITB, it is a private university not a public university.

i found the NUS advert, maybe i'll be this excited too if i'm accepted in every University that i want.

maybe you're asking "ngapain sih dia lulus SMP aja belom ud ribut kuliah."  well, 3 years are kinda fast, right?

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uph aja gw dukung kok rey hahha

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